How to distinguish the quality of sanitary napkins

Women get their periods every month, so sanitary pads become "close friends" for women. Sanitary napkins are associated with women's health because of their direct contact with the private parts, but there are too many bad quality tampons out there. Women who use too many sanitary napkins with fluorescein or other chemicals will do a lot of harm to their private health and cause gynecological diseases. So how can women tell the difference? How can women safely use sanitary napkins? Next will introduce one by one for your reference.

1.Smell the smell

When buying sanitary napkins, be sure to buy odorless ones, because odorous sanitary napkins will not only cause gynecological diseases in women, but also help cover up the smell of bleach. Tear open sanitary napkin check inside is a good quality cotton pulp, you can also incidentally carefully smell whether there are other chemical taste oh.

2.Tear it open and look inside

Just said that through the hand feel can be identified as black heart cotton, if not at ease, you can tear the tampon to see the material inside. Good sanitary napkin is made of absorbent and fluffy villous pulp. While the black heart tampons are made of garbage, scraps and other beating pulp, although after drifting but can be identified.

3.touch whether fluffy and comfortable

When we get it home, we can unpack it and see if the inside is safe. A good tampon should be thin, even, clean, of a normal color (not too white or too black), and feel fluffy, light and soft when pinched. If it is black cotton, feel will be hard, and uneven.

4.Avoid being cheap

Women like to be cheap. New product goes on the market, or be unsalable goods, the method that USES special price or give away will attract a customer, a lot of MM that love cheap cannot help temptation, bought these "cheap" sanitary napkin. However, these promotional products, gifts may be merchants processing unmarketable products, or poor quality of inferior products, it is difficult to ensure that not black heart cotton.

5. Choose big brands

To the differentiating of sanitary napkin, need to choose big shop sign as far as possible when choosing a brand, because the inside of sanitary napkin is to use what kind of capable person is made, we are before buying go home discern without method. So in the case of what do not know, try to choose well-known brands. In addition to the selection, in addition to pay attention to the sealing of the outer packaging, but also to see the product identification, try to choose the recent production of products.

6. Test the permeability

TV commercials often use a glass of water to test the amount of sanitary napkins absorbed. So, we might as well use this method to tell if tampons are safe. Choose close to the blood concentration, and there is a degree of temperature of liquid or warm water more than ten milliliters, directly poured on the tampon, if quickly absorbed will prove to be a good sanitary napkin, and those with garbage, plastic bags made of black heart sanitary napkin absorption effect is very poor.

How do women use sanitary napkins safely?

1. Pay attention to the storage of sanitary napkins

Sanitary towel should be put in air dry, wholesome environment, cannot put in toilet. Our country toilet is majority dark defend, do not see sunshine all day, still very damp, very easy breed mould. If the sanitary napkin is put in the toilet, it will pollute the sanitary napkin. At the same time should pay attention to bulk sanitary napkins do not put in the pocket and handbag with the RMB, keys, etc., it is best to have an independent airtight packaging.

2. Observe the shelf life before use

Many women buy many packs of sanitary napkins at a time for convenience. However, sanitary requirements for sanitary napkins are very strict. The closer the production date is, the better the quality will be.

3. Do not use scented sanitary napkins

Medicaments sanitary napkin may be mixed to a certain extent clean to female pudendal ministry, disease of all sorts of department of gynaecology of prevention and cure produced effect, but not everybody all appropriate, because the person's constitution is very different, some people are contacted certain material can be allergic, appear instead vulva SAO is urticant.

4. Wash hands before using sanitary napkins

If you don't wash your hands before using the sanitary napkin, it will bring a lot of germs to the sanitary napkin during the process of unsealing, opening, smoothing and pasting.

5, the replacement needs to be diligent

There are rich nutrients in the menstrual blood, easy to become bacteria breeding "culture medium", so, sanitary napkins must be replaced, it is best to change every two hours.

6. Use medical sanitary napkins with caution

The sanitary towel of normal manufacturer, raw material is to pass special safety to detect, and already used many years. If there is an allergy, it is usually because of our physical condition -- just as there are people who are allergic to shrimp or crab.

The only method that prevents allergy is avoid allergy source, once feel so exciting, urticant, uncomfortable, stop using this kind of sanitary towel immediately, had better still find out the composition that causes allergy (what see most is the essence in sanitary towel), the sanitary towel that contains identical composition does not want to use again.

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