Feminine Health

Feminine care products should be a reflection of what women actually want, so that's what we are making for. From developing an innovative, unique fiber blend for pads, to our integrated production process, we're continuously stepping up quality and value.

Panty linerPCS/BAGBAG/CTNAbsorptionDropLenght
Panty liner24480.5.png0.5155
Long liner32481.png1180
Long liner Maxi20481.png1180
Sanitary NapkinPCS/BAGBAG/CTNAbsorptionDropLenght
Mini Pad10482.png2200
Ultrathin Regular14483.png3240
Ultrathin Super12484.png4280
Maxi Regular12484.png4240
Maxi Super10485.png5280
Pre meno-pause pad8485+.png7420

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