Baby Care

Our baby care products are created to keep your loved ones more comfortable. As a prefessional provider of baby care products, we're always hearing from parents. We listen carefully to their needs and reimagine the products that will make their lives better, creating some of the most comfortable, and affordable diapers and pants in the market today.

Baby Diaper PCS/BAG BAG/CTN Absorption Size(cm)
S 44 8 5.png 390*325
M 40 8 5+.png 450*325
L 36 8 5+.png 480*325
XL 32 8 5+.png 530*325
Baby Pants PCS/BAG BAG/CTN Absorption Size(cm)
S 40 8 5.png 450*390
M 38 8 5+.png 470*390
L 36 8 5+.png 500*390
XL 34 8 5+.png 520*410

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