How to choose a high-end diaper

Scan widely now, the diaper brand on market is various, the advertisement that blots out the sky also is multifarious. Many new mothers are having a hard time. Diapers are also a necessity for the delicate skin of a newborn baby. So is it really that hard to pick a high-quality, healthy diaper? Next, small make up for you to explain a few notes, grasp, you can choose a suitable diapers!

First, the ability to absorb water. Diaper, as the name suggests, the primary function is to prevent urine. A high-quality diapers must have a strong ability to absorb water, can quickly absorb urine, no leakage. Strong water absorption ability, instant dry ability, can reduce the frequency of replacement, will not affect the baby's experience, so less crying, have a good sleep;

Second, see if the diapers are soft. Diaper is close to the baby's skin items, soft texture, can care for the baby's delicate skin, will not let the baby feel hard knock. Gentle diaper, let baby feel comfortable, help sleep. In addition to softness, a healthy texture is also a key factor. Healthy diapers can let the baby say goodbye to red buttocks, skin allergies, eczema red rash, etc.

Third, whether the design is reasonable. Not every type of diaper is suitable for your baby. Some of the diaper design is unreasonable, both sides of the side leakage corner is not standard, size or small, can affect the baby's normal growth and development, serious will form O legs.

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