Six facts: the thinner the better

1: The diaper is getting thinner and thinner. What's the matter?

Diaper thinning is mainly the core technology "core" has changed, small partners dumbfounded, go! Xiaobian take you to the catch up with knowledge.

The invention of diapers began during world war ii. Cotton was in short supply at that time, the germans made use of wood pulp made of fiber paper, as an absorbent core layer. This kind of tissue paper is very soft and has stronger water absorption than cotton. With the passage of time, in the 1980s, polymer absorbent materials appeared. Macromolecular water absorbent materials have been widely used, which further improve the absorption performance of diapers. With the improvement of the absorption performance of diapers, the diapers are more suitable for baby body shape and have the application of adhesive buckles.

At present, the absorbent core of the diaper is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (villous pulp) and super absorbent resin. This core has higher absorption efficiency and stronger toughness. High absorbent resin, can let the water faster and more uniform diversion; At the same time, pure wood pulp is added to make the diaper feel more light and soft.


* Fibrous tissue: paper made from the bast fibers of trees. Color white pliable, long and thin fiber such as cotton, so called.

* SAP: SAP is a new functional polymer material. With hydrophilic group, can absorb a large amount of water and swelling can keep the water does not flow out of the synthetic resin, generally can absorb the equivalent to the resin volume of more than 100 times the water, the highest water absorption rate of more than 1000%, generally as medical materials, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, also used as a plugging material in industry.

2: Diapers become thinner, more water absorption? Thinner diapers are better at absorbing water?

Traditional diapers, including some absorption core layer for cotton or pulp, easy to absorb urine after the ball, baby wearing comfort will also be greatly reduced. Thin diaper USES polymer absorbent material, absorb speed not only fast, and the amount that absorb is big also, small make up already mentioned its magical place above, do not wordy here luo luo. To sum up, thin diaper USES polymer absorbent material, which has higher absorption efficiency and better absorption quality.

3: Thin diaper dry refreshing better?

Baby's fart skin is delicate, easily stimulated by urine and feces and cause skin allergy, so the dry performance of diapers is very important. Thin diapers when using the new core body, the absorption rate is faster, can make the baby's urine completely absorbed in an instant, reduce time of urine exist on the surface of the diapers, and the core layer, physical firmly locked in urine, urine completely into the inner and outer, on the baby's skin and has no chance to come into contact with more urine, keep dry and clean.

4: Thin diapers cut better?

Each baby shape is different, so in the cutting design to consider the most is the baby can move freely. In the winter, wearing thick clothes dear friends will certainly feel action is not free, the same principle: thick diapers wear on the baby, nature is not convenient. The diaper of thin money pays attention to thin and close-fitting on clipping design more, the strong absorption force that adds core body layer, the crotch that lets darling won't hold back is flustered, the activity rises more freely.

5: Don't blindly pursue "foreign brands".

According to in disappear assist relevant controller to introduce, in view of the children things problem that broad consumer concerns, this association organizes partial place to disappear assist to the children things such as baby diaper, plush toy, children dress, children ablative to begin comparative experiment.

It is revealed that the Qingdao consumer rights and interests protection committee recently conducted a comparative test on the performance indexes of 15 types of marketed infant diapers, such as the amount of slip infiltration, the amount of return infiltration, the amount of leakage, the PH value and the moisture content. The results showed that the moisture content of nipiao infant diaper sample was 11.6%, higher than the standard requirement. However, the high water value, easy to cause raw materials moldy, breeding bacteria, damage to infant skin health.

The amount of slip infiltration is an important index of the diaper, which reflects the hydrophilic property of the product surface. The smaller the amount of slip, the faster the liquid penetrates into the absorbent layer, thus ensuring that the product can absorb the liquid faster and keep the skin dry.

The amount of infiltration is a reflection of the properties of the solidified liquid in the diaper. In the 15 comparative test samples, the maximum amount of infiltration is 5.8g, and the minimum can reach 0 g. Although all within the standard range, the differences between samples are not small. Leakage is a measure of the absorption of liquid diapers after the bottom leakage liquid situation, the smaller the leakage index, the better, the large leakage of the product will cause pollution to clothing or the surrounding environment. The standard requirement for diaper leakage is less than or equal to 0.5g. The comparison test results show that the leakage of all the 15 samples is within 0.2g.

According to the comparative test results, many domestic brands have obvious advantages in terms of product cost performance, and remind consumers to pay attention to cost performance when purchasing diapers, and not blindly pursue "foreign brands" or high-priced products. Inspection and quarantine departments remind that when buying imported diapers, should pay attention to, there should be a complete Chinese logo, Chinese logo content includes: ingredients, country of origin, shelf life, production date, health standards, manufacturers information, importer information. When consumer is buying, still can ask for to the businessman "certificate of inspection and quarantine of entry goods" original or photocopy, above can list the entrance information of the product, inspection result to wait, and build inspection and quarantine special seal.

6: Safety and comfort should be taken into account.

Diapers are almost a must for families with small children. Summer is hot, many mothers in order not to let the baby suffer from eczema, tend to choose ultra-thin diapers. Nevertheless, the expert reminds consumer, diaper is not better than thinner, compare with thick and thin, permeability and absorb ability are worth paying attention to more. "The same material and structure of the diaper, the thinner the more breathable, but thickness is not the decisive factor in breathability. Introduce according to the expert inside course of study, whether diaper breathable, depend on its material to pledges and breathable structure. Material is good, air hole is set reasonable, ability is more breathable.

Remind, when buying diaper, safety and comfort should be considered at the same time. Infant skin is tender, try to choose soft texture, with natural ingredients moist protective layer of diapers, to avoid injury to the baby buttocks and inner thighs. In order to let the baby skin contact more fresh air, timely discharge of moisture, should try to choose a breathable belt and legs design cut high diapers, so as to reduce the occurrence of eczema. At the same time, according to the baby's actual use of diapers, or in accordance with the diaper replacement instructions, timely replacement of diapers.

Still have, want to choose the diaper product with appropriate size according to the child's bodily form, weight. Diapers are too big, will let the baby body and diapers between the gap, resulting in side leakage of excreta; Diapers that are too small can leave marks on the body and cause discomfort to the baby. Infant activity is generally large, to choose a leakproof design and hygroscopicity of strong diapers. If necessary, choose small package diaper products for trial to determine more suitable for baby style and model.

In addition, many diapers use materials that are not easy to be degraded in the production process, and disposable diapers will cause environmental pollution. In the case of not affecting the safety and comfort of infants, to pay attention to the environmental performance of diapers, as far as possible to choose easy to degradation of diapers, in order to reduce the pressure on the environment.

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