Tips: diapers are also divided into seasons

Some novice mother when buying a diaper for baby hard to avoid can produce a few misunderstanding, feel diaper wants only thin good, but as the change of the season, when diaper of choose and buy, the side key of choose and buy should differ somewhat, summer chooses diaper to want with breathe easily give priority to, and qiu dong season should choose softness model.

Soft surface is the most important.

Compared with the summer, the autumn weather is more dry and cool, baby's butt is not easy to grow red rash phenomenon, so the choice of diapers should focus on the characteristics of soft. Because autumn is dry, darling's delicate skin can become more sensitive, need multidirectional caress. The super soft pearl skin-friendly surface layer is adopted in the baby care diaper, which is extremely soft and extremely soft. There are 10 million breathable micro holes, which can quickly discharge hot air and moisture, keep the baby dry and keep the baby away from the rash.

It also gives consideration to air permeability.

Diaper of autumn choose and buy should choose soft model, do not mean to do not need to give attention to both sides breathability. Some mothers think that thick diapers can play a role in keeping you warm, so use light and thin diapers in spring and summer, and thick diapers in autumn and winter, but actually this view is wrong. Although the frequency of change of the diaper in autumn is not as high as that in summer, but too thick diaper is not only poor in air permeability and easy to use, but also easy to cause baby skin allergy and eczema.

Choose the diaper with moderate thickness to just suit quite so, do not go after blindly too thin perhaps too thick. Huershuang adopts the third generation innovative core, which contains "magic" water-absorbing particles, lightweight and close-fitting, instant water-absorbing and locking, and continuous layering. Bring the baby perfect skin care, at the same time, there is double support three-dimensional innovative protection, open the diapers automatically open the protection, like mother's hands to support, the baby how to move comfortable, how to move do not leak.

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