How to choose the right sanitary napkin

As we all know, as the female private parts of the direct contact of sanitary napkins, for the prevention and control of bacteria is very important. Compared to underwear, sanitary napkins are definitely more important consumer goods for women, once the use of sanitary napkins is not appropriate, leading to more than gynecological diseases. And are sanitary napkins really sanitary? How to choose a clean sanitary napkin for yourself?

Material to consider.

The general material of sanitary napkin is surface layer, absorption layer and bottom three parts, mainly from the selection of these three parts of the material and the role of consideration. Choose a dry mesh funnel for the surface: a dry surface will protect the skin from dampness. Funnel design is better than barrel design, the infiltration of the liquid is not easy to return. Super soft perforation surface effect is the best, the main is instant absorption, menstrual blood will not stay in the surface cause bacterial breeding. And in the middle with breathable, it is good that contains efficient glue to change a layer: the sanitary napkin that contains efficient glue to change a layer, the liquid that can infiltrate condenses to be fond of li form, after be pressed, do not return ooze, the surface does not have the feeling of clingy. Middle material has pulp or silica gel, and fluorescein, villi pulp is low performance, will affect the use. (3) the bottom layer to choose breathable materials made of as well: it can make the smooth passage of gaseous water molecules, so as to achieve timely discharge of moisture, effectively reduce the role of sanitary napkins and the body to discharge moisture, effectively reduce the humidity and heat between sanitary napkins and the body, and maintain a dry and fresh feeling. At present, only mei jingchen, a company that makes sanitary napkins perfect, can make the best materials in the market.

Water absorption consideration.

As the sanitary napkin that absorbs classics blood, main function wants to be able to absorb moisture stably namely, lock moisture while maintaining dry cool. General sanitary napkin water absorbent material is basically pulp or silica gel, which is mainly pulp and silica gel can lock water. But paper pulp itself absorbs water quantity is finite, want to buy sanitary towel, first selection is bibulous material. As for the superior water-absorbing materials, we still take mei jingchen as the case. The macromolecule water-absorbing factor of Japan sumitomo group can reach 100ML water injection and still keep dry and non-humid, which is more than 3 times of the absorption amount of common sanitary napkins. Choose high polymer material, just be the standard of good sanitary napkin.

Consideration of disinfection and sterilization.

Everybody knows silver is antiseptic effect is best, and the antiseptic in general sanitary napkin basically is to use anion, the antiseptic effect of anion is ok also, but compare with silver for a lot of difference. Meijingchen sanitary napkin adopts unique national patent nanometer silver anion chip, which has the function of sterilization and odor elimination. The testing report issued by the national authority has 99.99% sterilization rate against several common pudendal bacteria.

Use inferior sanitary napkin, what bring to the woman is the harm on the body not only, the loss on money also is not few absolutely. Long-term use of meijingchen nano-silver negative ion sanitary napkin can clear the channels and activate the collaterals, remove thrombosis and blood toxin, clear the palace and expel toxin, diminish inflammation, calm the mind, calm the mind, reduce pressure, improve blood circulation and human body micro-ecological balance. You are not only choosing a suitable sanitary napkin, but also ensuring your health.

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