Babies don't need diapers when they're old

Because diapers are convenient, do not need to clean, can be replaced directly, saving a lot of time, now more and more parents choose to use diapers for baby. But how old are kids to stop wearing them? Is it harmful to wear diapers all the time? But it bothered some mothers, and we consulted with a babysitter.

Babysitters tell us that babies can usually be separated from diapers at the age of 1.5-2. Because the use of diapers, will let the child have dependence, resulting in the baby habitual or lazy bed-wetting.

Long-term use of diapers is harmful to babies, may cause chronic infections and bladder abnormalities, and experts have found that babies wearing diapers are more likely to be infected by diseases in group contact. After being able to walk, start can grind its legs.

After the age of 1.5, you can try to get the baby to remove diapers during the day, train the child to urinate in the potty or toilet, and still use diapers at night. As your child's ability to control his or her urine increases, gradually remove nighttime diapers.

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