Toilet paper is a mistake

Modern toilet paper rolls or slices, easy to tear, neat, very convenient to use, it has a long history of invention, but also an interesting story.

Arthur Scott, an American, founded his own Paper company, Scott Paper, in 1903.

In the early part of the twentieth century, nearly a century ago, Mr. Scott had his deputy import a shipment of paper from Canada. However, his deputy had the cunning to cash in on the big deal by buying cheap paper and chartering a common freighter to carry the goods.

Due to the negligence in the delivery process, the paper surface is wet and creases, so it cannot be used. Knowing that he was guilty, the deputy consigned the papers to the company and ran away, never to be heard from again. In the executive meeting, someone suggested that the paper should be returned to the supplier to reduce losses. This proposal was seconded by everyone.

But the history of the ancient but do not think so, the history of the ancient again with the relevant departments to the warehouse site, and stressed that not to research a good way, we are not allowed to leave here.

Just then, a supervisor's nose suddenly began to bleed. Scott quickly picked up a piece of damp paper beside him and handed it to his colleague. This was the scene that caught the interest of Scott, who picked up a piece of damp paper that was really soft to the touch, very different from ordinary polished paper for office writing. Can we sell this kind of paper? He decided at once to do the necessary work on the paper, and then sold it to shops, factories, schools and other places for toilet use.

Unexpectedly, this inspiration brought huge economic benefits, the paper after processing, soft, beautiful, and bright white, very popular, a year later, has been popularized in the average American family, for the company made a huge profit. Scott named the paper "sonny" sanitary napkins, a precursor to modern toilet paper. Today, toilet paper has become an indispensable household hygiene supplies, and a variety of brands full of beautiful things in eyes, more and more practical, more and more sanitary, to bring considerable convenience to people.

When we think of toilet paper as a commonplace commodity, should we be thankful for Scott's invention?

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